The Company

Since 2002, Garnault Consulting Engineers Company has provided civil engineering and related services to municipalities, government agencies, and private clients. Garnault has offices in Tehran, Kerman, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Lorestan, Sirjan and Jiroft with staff to include Licensed Professional Engineers, Registered Professional Land Surveyors, Engineers-in-Training, Surveyors-in-Training, as well as technical and administrative support staff.

Garnault is a quality company certified to ISO 9001 and a company at the leading edge of technology. As an excellence member of FIDIC (the International Federation of Consulting Engineers) we place enormous importance on working to programmed targets and on quality documentation. Our philosophy is to continually update to best practices, take advantage of latest technologies and provide cost-effective practical engineering solutions.

Garnault is organized into four divisions: Transportation, Building & Industry, Urban Planning, Water & Waste Water Treatment and Retrofitting – each managed by a registered professional engineer and staffed with service oriented, experienced team members. This structure enables Garnault to manage multiple projects and respond effectively and efficiently to the needs of our clients.

So far, Garnault has completed 200 projects, some exceeding 105 Million dollars. Our work has won many awards, including awards from the Institution of Consultant Engineers of Iran and different governmental and private clients. It is the policy of the Garnault Consulting Engineers Co. to apply environmentally and economically sustainable design Principles to projects being designed by our office and can offer specialist expertise in minimizing energy consumption in the design of mechanical and electrical services, through passive design considerations.

We place the highest value on teamwork and mutual respect among our employees and between Garnault and our clients. Our success is the result of working diligently as a team to do each job right as well as maintaining a long-term perspective and our integrity in the face of daily pressures. The value of our services is derived from our commitment to produce consistently high quality work within the constraints of the client’s schedule and budget. We constantly adapt our skills to meet individual client needs and the opportunities of the marketplace.

Above all, at Garnault we get the job done. We aspire to grow in stature and geographic reach in order to enhance our reputation as a stable, highly respected member of the professional services community in Islamic Republic of Iran.